• 3-in-1 Suntouched Candle - Naked in the Woods

3-in-1 Suntouched Candle - Naked in the Woods

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The 3-in-1 Suntouched Candle, Naked in the Woods scent is as natural as the name makes it sound. When you burn the candle, the candle produces a massage oil that you can use to enhance your sensual experience. This is a candle that is as at home in the bedroom as it is next to a bathtub full of warm water. It’s as pleasant to burn with a partner as it is without, so there’s really no limit to how you can enjoy this product. It’s vegan and non-toxic, which should appeal to those who like to know that they’re not using nasty substances on their bodies.

The 3-in-1 Suntouched Candle contains vitamin E, jojoba, avocado and apricot. It also contains hemp seed and, when you burn it down, it reduces to massage oil that contains 8 natural oils and that does a great job of moisturizing and lubricating the body during a massage. This is a very versatile addition to anyone’s bed or bathroom and should make just about anyone very happy. The 3-in-1 Suntouched Candle comes in other varieties, as well, all of them natural and with the great massage oil feature that makes them distinctive.

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