• Bedroom Rockstar Foreplay Game

Bedroom Rockstar Foreplay Game

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The Bedroom Rockstar Foreplay Game will give you plenty of ways to keep your bedroom rocking. The kit contains a his and her guitar neck and cards that have foreplay suggestions written on them. The object of the game is to get to the base of the guitar neck and the winner gets an encore as directed by the card. This is a fun, silly game that can make foreplay a little more interesting, particularly if you’ve been having a lack of ideas about how to get your lover warmed up for a hot evening.

The Bedroom Rockstar Foreplay Game comes packaged in a box like a board game and has a board that folds out with the guitar necks on it. It’s easy to play and a lot of fun, so everyone should be able to have a good time with this kit. These types of games can make it easier to ask for new things in the bedroom and can make it a lot more fun to try those new things. The Bedroom Rockstar Foreplay Game makes a great gift for anyone and should offer you plenty of new and interesting ways to warm up for the show.

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