• Ben Wa Balls - Golden

Ben Wa Balls - Golden

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Ben Wa Balls come from China and have a history that traces back to ancient times. They require no batteries and can offer extended and intense stimulation.

Ben Wa Balls are sometimes used to enhance sensation during intercourse and sometimes used without a partner. These are different than a vibrator in that they're not specifically designed to bring a woman fully to orgasm—though they can—but, instead, to add just enough sensation to tease or to make an orgasm achieved with other devices more intense. Ben Wa Balls can be used to offer extended stimulation, allowing the user to stay on the verge of orgasm for a long time. Used with a partner, they can provide the added stimulation to make orgasm come more quickly or to simply make sensation during intercourse more pleasurable.

Ben Wa Balls are used along with Kegel exercise movements to achieve their purpose. Using Ben Wa Balls has the immediate benefit of increasing pleasure, of course, but they are also used by women who want to add strength to their vaginal muscles, whether they are doing so to increase the pleasure they experience during sex or to reap the other health benefits that such exercises confer.

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