• Doc Johnson C Batteries

Doc Johnson C Batteries

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C batteries are still used in quite a few adult toys, particularly vibrators. These batteries have a long life time can the Doc Johnson C Batteries, in particular, provide you with consistent power over their life time. They put out 1.5V of power, which is the typical voltage provided by these types of batteries. They should be compatible with any older adult toys you have that take C cell batteries and will certainly be compatible with any new toys that you happen to pick up!

The Doc Johnson C Batteries do not contain any mercury, a common ingredient in batteries that is known to be very harmful to the environment. These batteries also contain no cadmium, making them even more friendly to the environment. If you want to make sure that your adult toys are as friendly as possible to the environment, these batteries are good choices. These batteries are designed so that they provide strong levels of power throughout their lifetime. These types of batteries are not as likely to fade slowly, providing a frustrating decline in power as they wear out. With these batteries, your devices will keep performing consistently for a very long time and you're sure to get your money's worth.

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