• Doc Johnson D Batteries

Doc Johnson D Batteries

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Doc Johnson D Batteries are designed to be powerful over the long haul. If you have a lot of battery-powered toys, you're probably familiar with battery fade. This is when the battery starts producing less and less power as it wears out, meaning that your devices still work, but not as well. These batteries are designed to provide more consistent levels of power. Combined with the long-lasting nature of D cell batteries, you can be sure that your devices will keep on performing for a very long time.

The Doc Johnson D Batteries also contain no mercury. They contain no cadmium, either. These materials are both known to be very harmful to the environment, making these batteries sensible choices for those who like to be green in all of the consumer choices that they make. The Doc Johnson D Batteries put out 1.5V of power, making them compatible with the vast majority of sex toys out there that take this battery size. They're sure to keep running for a long time and they're sure to help you avoid having your devices gradually lose power, ensuring that you always know when you need new batteries, which shouldn't be for a very long time!

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