Dual Penetrator Vibe

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The Dual Penetrator Vibe offers anal and vaginal stimulation in one package. The device consists of both a flexible 5-inch penis element and a 5-inch prong with anal beads joined to a vibrator base. The device is large enough to be easy to control. The device is also designed so that it is convenient anatomically speaking, with the positioning of both the penis and anal bead elements arranged so that they conform to the form of the average person's body.

The device offers multiple speeds so that the users can get as subtle or intense stimulation with the vibrator element. The device, of course, can be used without the vibrator engaged, as well. The Dual Penetrator Vibe is blue in color. It's powered by 2AA batteries, which are not included but easily obtainable. The Dual Penetrator Vibe can be cleaned off with any suitable sanitizer. For most people, antibacterial soap and running water will clean off the device sufficiently. The device is compatible with most lubricants, but petroleum based lubricants should be avoided with sex toys as they may damage or completely destroy the device. The Dual Penetrator Vibe is durable, versatile and sized appropriately for most anyone.

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