• Fetish Fantasy Series - Wartenberg Wheel

Fetish Fantasy Series - Wartenberg Wheel

  • CAD11.95

If you want to add something new, different and exciting to your chest of sex toys, then you will want to look at what this offering from the Fetish Fantasy Series can offer. The Wartenberg Wheel might have a strand name, but you might find that this tool soon becomes one of your favorite devices. It has the ability to tickle and tease the skin. It offers a great sensation with just the right amount of mild pain mingled with pleasure. Those who use the tool with their lovers are going to have a great time. It is going to work well for those who enjoy bondage and domination, and those who are just looking to experiment.

The Wartenberg Wheel is quite simple to use. You just roll the spiked wheel over the skin lightly, which causes all sorts of wonderful sensations. The tool is easy to use and it fits comfortably in the hand and is very easy to maneuver. The tickles and pricking sensation that it offers is not overly painful when you are using light pressure. You will find the Wheel can be a fun tool to use for those who are relatively new to bringing toys into the bedroom.

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