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Doc Johnson AAA Batteries

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You'll find that many of the best powered adult toys out there use AAA batteries, so why not get some that were made specifically for these toys? The Doc Johnson AAA Batteries are designed to provide you with consistent power over their lifetime. These are modern batteries, very heavy-duty, that aren't prone to the annoying fade effect that cheaper batteries oftentimes exhibit as they run out of power. These batteries provide the standard 1.5V that most other AAA batteries provide, ensuring that they're compatible with a wide range of devices.

The Doc Johnson AAA Batteries come in a clamshell card package. Four are included with every harder. They are copper top batteries. As a bonus, these batteries have no mercury in them and contain no cadmium, either. This should come as good news for those who feel that adult toys, as fun as they may be, need to use materials that are harmful to the environment. If you're ordering some sex toys for your collection, be sure you have the batteries to power them right. The Doc Johnson AAA Batteries will keep on performing for a long time, offering you consistent power and reliability that you'll appreciate when you use them with your toys!

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