Just in Case Condom Compact

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Life is full of surprises, but it’s better when you’re ready for them. The Just in Case Condom Compact is designed for the best types of surprises. If you don’t want to pass up a good time but want to make sure you’re always safe and sane about your adventures, this product will make sure that you have a condom at the ready when you need one.

The Just in Case Condom Compact is a small compact that has a mirror in it and that looks like any other. Underneath the platform in the compact, however, is a compartment that’s just the right size for carrying a couple of condoms. The compact will ensure that they’re protected from damage. Just throw a couple in the compact and forget about them. When you need one—or two—they Just in Case Condom Compact will have them safely stored and ready to go.

The Just in Case Condom Compact is a great accessory for anyone who wants to make sure they’re prepared for the best surprises of all. It even comes with a condom included, so you can toss it in your purse and be ready for whatever pleasant surprises come your way!

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