• Replacement Bullet - Chrome Bullet

Replacement Bullet - Chrome Bullet

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Bullet vibrators are among the most popular designs out there. Of course, this means that people do tend to use them a lot and that means that they sometimes need to be replaced. This is a replacement bullet that fits majority of bullet style vibrators out there, allowing you to get more use out of the device you paid for. When you can just replace one part and still get a lot of use out of an adult toy, you know you’ve made a quality purchase!

This replacement bullet is not an all-in-one unit, it’s designed to replace a burned out bullet. There is no power pack included, so you’ll need to have a plug-and-play cartridge style vibrator that you can utilize with this replacement. The device is easy to install and you shouldn’t’ have any trouble getting your favorite vibe back in working order. This bullet is powerful and suitable for use in any cartridge style vibrator. Instead of replacing an entire toy, replace the part that burned out and save yourself some money. This inexpensive replacement can help you get more value out of your purchase and extend the life of a beloved toy!

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