• Replacement Bullet - Silver Bomb

Replacement Bullet - Silver Bomb

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If you have a cartridge style vibrator that you’re not ready to part with but the bullet has worn out, this silver bullet replacement is made for you. It will fit in most plug-and-play cartridge style vibrators, so you can be certain that you can revitalize that device and keep it running for a much longer time.

This is only a replacement device. It doesn’t have the requisite powerpack required to power the device, so you will need to have a cartridge style vibrator already to utilize the replacement bullet. Once you install it, however, your device will be restored to like new condition and you’ll be able to get a lot more usage out of it.

Make certain that you check your vibrator to ensure that this is the right replacement part. There are other replacement parts available for different styles of vibrators. If you’ve gone ahead and decided to pay for a quality toy, it makes sense to get the maximum possible usage out of it. This replacement silver bullet allows you to do just that. Not only do you get more life out of your device, you avoid having to pay for an entirely new device and reduce waste.

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