Lia Love Balls - Purple

  • CAD39.95

Women who want to have a better sex life might want to consider some of the methods through which they can strengthen their pelvic muscles. When you use the Lia Love Balls to strengthen those muscles, you are going to find that you have more control over your orgasms, and they are going to be stronger. You will place the balls into your vagina and then use your muscles to hold them there. This is a perfect way to isolate those muscles and to get them a good and proper workout. You will also find that movements while you have the balls inside are going to cause small vibrations that can be very pleasurable for you. This is just another of the benefits of these balls.

Since these are silicone balls, if you find that you need to or want to use lube with them, only use water-based lube. This is going to ensure that they stay in great shape for a long time. The balls have an overall length of 8.25”, and you are able to insert 5”. The widest point has a girth of 4.5” The Lia Love Balls are very easy to wash and to keep clean.

Length - 8 1/4"
Insertable Length - 5"
Girth - 4 1/2" around at largest
Width - 1 1/4"
Material - Silicone
Special Features - Pliable, hygienic, weighted

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