• Pocket Toyfriend - Nice

Pocket Toyfriend - Nice

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The Nice Pocket Toyfriend has a great curved design that makes it really unique among pocket vibrator options. This device is yellow and white, with the good parts being made out of body-safe silicone. The soft silicone covering is powered by a single AAA battery, which provides you with up to 4 hours of time to use this device.

The Nice Pocket Toyfriend is called a pocket toy for a reason. It only weights 30 grams and is 90mm in length; easily carried in a purse or pocket. When you take it out, you’ll find that it only emits less than 50 dB of noise when you’re using it, which is quite quiet and allows you to enjoy some discreet play. The device is very simple to use, having an on/off switch that operates the 80Hz vibrator motor.

This device is powerful and waterproof. It’s also made of silicone, so stay away from silicone-based lubes and cleaners, as they’ll damage the Nice Pocket Toyfriend. Stick with water-based cleaners and lubes and the device can be cleaned up and used over and over again. The high-quality construction ensures that you won’t have to worry about the device giving out on you any time soon.

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