• Tweezer Tip Clamp Jewel Chain

Tweezer Tip Clamp Jewel Chain

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If you are looking for a new item to bring into your sex life, these clamps could well be a nice fit for your needs. These clamps have tweezer tips that are comfortable, and that will be able to give all of your sensitive zones just the right amount of pleasure. You will be able to adjust the tips of the clamps so that they provide a nice tight pinch that can last as long as you do. One of the nice things about these clamps is that they have a certain aesthetic appeal to them that you do not always find with these types of clamps. You will see that these have a nice and simple look with rubber tips.

The jewel chain that attaches to the clamps looks just as good, and it is functional too. With just a tug, it can send shivers of pleasure and pain through your body. The clamps and the chain are high quality, and they will last. You are going to be able to use them on the nipples, naturally. However, some also enjoy using the clamps for the clitoris. You will have quite a few options, so have some fun and experiment.

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