Infrared Electric Massager

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The Infrared Electric Massager is a sleek and stylish massager with two speeds of vibration and a dual-level infrared heating system. The five soft and pliable PVC interchangeable attachments can be used anywhere your body craves a soothing, powerful rub or warm and therapeutic vibrations.

The all-purpose massager attachment provides gentle massage for large muscle groups. The wide nubbed attachment stimulates the scalp and the back of the neck, while the dualer attachment recalls the dual sensation of shiatsu-styled finger techniques for ultimate relaxation. The large bump attachment applies deep spot massage to relieve muscle stress. Finally, the buffer attachment is a handy lotion massager for applying creams and lotions or for gentle facial massage. The Infrared Electric Massager is equipped with a 110V AC plug with a generous 6 ft (1.8 m) of cord. 

The massager has two settings - high massage with infrared heat, and low massage with infrared heat. It is recommended to start off at low heat and move the infrared electric massager in slow movements with minimal pressure on tight and stiff muscles. After relaxing the tight areas, set the massager to the high setting and apply more pressure to the previously massaged areas. But don't press too hard, because the infrared electric massager is soothingly effective with little help from the user. Always finish with a soft massage on low speed and heat, and each session is recommended not to exceed 15 minutes.

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