Sensations Game for Lovers

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A sensuous couples game from Ozze Creations, the Sensations Game for Lovers is a wildly arousing foreplay board game designed to put you and your lover in the mood by arousing different bodily sensations through card commands. The point of this game is to collect as many favor coupons as possible, which you can earn each turn by completing challenges along the way. Favor coupons are true to their namesake, rewarding you with sexual treats and favors during and after the game.

To play, roll the die and move your token as many squares that're indicated. Complete any tasks shown on the square you land on, be they challenge cards or action icons (the legend of which is included on the back of the instructions booklet) to end your turn. Once all thirty challenges are finished, each player then rolls and moves clockwise in a competition to land directly on the start square. The player to end the game is the winner and can then cash in their favor coupons along with 3 randomly chosen favor coupons from the loser's pile.

•  2 Tokens
•  1 Die
•  1 Hourglass
•  1 Blindfold
•  1 Board
•  2 Spinners
•  1 Notepad + 2 Pencils
•  30 Challenge Cards
•  30 Favor Coupons
•  1 Stimulator (Powered by 1 AA Battery, sold separately).
•  1 Massage Oil (1.2oz/35mL)
•  1 Instruction Booklet