Size Matters Clitoral Pumping System

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This clitoral pump is comprised of two parts, a small-scale acrylic cylinder and a classic pump bulb. The mouth of the cylinder fits over the clitoral area, creating a seal. Pumping the ball will create suction, encouraging blood flow to the clitoris and resulting in temporary increase in size, providing stimulation and heightened sensitivity. It can be used on nipples for a similar effect. Clitoral pumps may also be used as a regular routine for FTMs to encourage growth as part of physical transition, but ensure that the cylinder's internal diameter is the appropriate size. Using lubricant will enhance sensation and may help with the suction seal effect, and a quick-release valve on the bulb will immediately cease suction.

Total length with bulb is 12" (30.5 cm); total cylinder length is 3" (7.6 cm) with 0.6" (1.5 cm) internal diameter.

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