Toygasms by Dr. Sadie Allison

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A fun and funny, definitely lighthearted but extremely informative guide to sex toys for men and women alike, Toygasms is a carefully compiled, playfully written and cheekily illustrated toy play pleasure trove, helping solo players and couples maneuver through today's vast array of vibes, dildos, butt plugs, cock rings and much more.

Authored by Dr. Sadie Allison, the sex educator, therapist, writer, and CEO boasting the title of America's Pleasure Coach, this easy to read, layman's-terms masterpiece explores, in illustrated detail, the many maneuvers, tactics, tricks and tips lovers and solo players can employ to bring on completely unforgettable orgasmic bliss, over and over. Discover how to find the most exciting sex toys for you and a lover, no-blush secrets to introduce a mate to hot toy-play, stimulating ways to make every sex toy even better, how to hide toys from prying eyes, and more.