Wet Warming Desserts Flavoured Lubricant Chocolate Chip Cookie 0.3 oz (10 ml) Foil Pack

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Wet's Warming Desserts lubricants take oral sex to a whole new level with these sugar-free yet incredibly sweet and delectable flavors. Once the lubricant is applied to an erogenous zone and blown on it will warm gently, sending pleasurable sensations throughout your lover's body. The warming action makes your erogenous zones more sensitive, leading to intense and fulfilling orgasms for you and your partner. You will also have satisfied your sweet tooth without the extra calories - and aren't sweets more enjoyable off of your lover's body anyway? When it's time to clean up, this lubricant easily washes away with warm water and it is compatible with latex condoms, making Wet Warming Desserts the perfect companion for your date nights.

Ingredients: Glycerin and Artificial Flavour