Bachelorette Party Exposed Game

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The idea behind Bachelorette Party Exposed is simple: playing games at bachelorette parties is a ton of fun. Taking pictures of your wild times at bachelorette parties is even more fun. So combining those two things is clearly the most fun of all!

In Bachelorette Party Exposed, players receive cards with photo challenges on them and try to capture as many of the required photos as possible. Each player will start out with one card from each of five categories: Funny, Flirty, Intoxicating, Adventurous, and Challenging.

These categories describe the sort of photos you’ll be angling for - a “Funny” challenge might be a photo of a partygoer dry-humping a barstool, while an “Intoxicating” challenge might be a photo of you drinking two drinks at once. Each different challenge is worth a different number of points, which you score if you successfully take the photo described. If you manage to complete all 5 challenges, you can keep drawing cards one at a time from a category of your choosing and continue to rack up the points. You can play until a pre-set time limit is reached, or until you get a photo of all 101 different challenges!

We would recommend the latter, if you ask us. 101 photos is a lot, and you’ll have to do a lot of crazy stuff to make them happen. It’s pretty much a sure-fire way to ensure you have a wild and eventful bachelorette party that none of you will ever forget. And if you do forget, that’s okay - because you’ve got a bunch of great photos to remind you!

Contents: 101 challenge cards and 25 score cards.