Sultra Leather

We love leather. Most people do. But quality leather, especially in the fetish world, is often custom and very expensive. We established Sultra Leather on the principle that quality leather can and should be attainable to everyone at a reasonable price. Our founders have the knowledge and experience of several generations of leather makers in the production of equestrian equipment, saddles, tack, bags, apparel, and small leather goods. So how did we take our combined experience in traditional quality handmade leather items and create an exciting fetish line? 

In the mid 2000’s, one of our founders was doing business with an owner of a higher-end adult apparel and novelty shop. He entered a world that was more personal than he could have ever imagined. Since he had such a deep background in leather, he was disappointed by the limited number of real leather fetish items available in the market. And most of what existed lacked the fine craftsmanship that he was accustomed to. Shoppers wanted something better but few could afford the cost of custom pieces that met their desires. Finally, a simple conversation with friends from the leather industry led them to the idea: Why not work together to create an exciting line of handmade leather fetish items that people want and could actually afford?

And so, Sultra Leather was born. We pride ourselves in our experience, history, and understanding of leather. We know that you will appreciate the touch, feel, smell, and fine details that go into everything that we make. Best of all, we offer real value by giving you genuine full-grain leather for the price that others are charging for vinyl, or what they like to call “PU leather”. Sexperience the pleasurable difference that real leather makes. Sexperience Sultra Leather!