How to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed - Tina Robbins

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How to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed - Tina Robbins

Do you know your erotic potential? Is your attitude toward sex too passive or conventional? Do you want to leave your partner in awe? How do you lose yourself with a man?

This guide presents endless advice and strategies that will make you a goddess of seduction and pleasure. These pages contain a wide range of creative suggestions to expand your erotic experiences and to provide your partner with moments of pure ecstasy. With this book, you will learn about:

•  Psychological keys of sexual desire
•  Major points of pleasure in the body
•  Techniques for achieving, controlling, and prolonging an orgasm
•  An infinite number of enticing, erotic tricks to recharge your bedroom (and other rooms)!

This book is the manual of the modern geisha; it discusses the finer details of your man’s body and your own, broadens your view of sex, explains positions, and develops techniques that work for you and your partner.

168 pages

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