Shunga Male Genital Desensitizer Spray 0.53 oz (15 g) (Benzocaine 7.5%)

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Shunga's genital desensitizer spray has a fruity flavour and features an innovative formula with a gradual desensitizing cycle for optimal performance with control, sensations, and pleasure. Contains 150 doses.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is defined as the inability to control sexual arousal and delay ejaculation, and often occurs immediately upon or within 5 minutes of penetration. Shunga has developed a genital desensitizer to help control PE and even overcome it in time. Most specialists claim PE is more of a psychological problem than a physical one, and it is therefore important to boost confidence with a temporary aid that will enhance sexual performance and help overcome the problem for once and for all.

Most desensitizers on the market have an "all or nothing" numbing effect, with zero sensitivity for a set period followed by an abrupt return to normal. This makes sex less pleasurable and does not allow control of the condition so as to eventually overcome it. Shunga's exclusive benzocaine-based formula creates a perfectly synchronized cycle of gentle desensitization of the nerve endings in the penis, followed by a progressive return. Those who experience premature ejaculation can therefore learn to recognize each sensation in the cycle - arousal, penetration, plateau, and orgasm - so as to eventually fully control the onset of orgasm.

Directions: Spray 3 to 8 doses on the head and shaft of the penis, between 5 to 15 minutes prior to intercourse. The effective number of sprays and application delay may vary upon individuals. Use the minimum effective quantity. Wash off after intercourse.

Active Ingredient: Benzocaine 7.5%
Inactive Ingredients: Propanediol, Ethyl Alcohol, Flavour (Aroma)  

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sara 22-12-2020 20:40

it works good and it has a bit of fruity smell to it...... but make sure it's totally dry before you go down on him because your mouth will go numb!!!

5 stars based on 1 reviews